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Socializing in Mbarara -

Socializing in Mbarara

Pidson, a guy that works at URI, invited us for dinner. Goat meat barbeque at a place down the road from where we’re staying. Sounds good so we have a plan for the night.

The place is really local. Inside there’s a bunch of people around a pool table and a bar. The weather invites to stay outside and so we do.

Pidson wants to take us to a club in Mbarara. Friday is apparently the best night in town and we can’t miss it. We talk about our plans for the weekend, about going to the Queen Elizabeth Park, and he suggests we should get a car and drive there. Even better, he can find a car and come with us. That sounds cool because driving in Uganda didn’t look easy, maybe even too risky for beginners like us.

As we walk to our hotel Pidson says:

- This is a good place for weddings; a lot of people get married here. Oh actually, a friend of mine will get married this weekend. We can go.
- What do you mean ‘we can go’? Crash the wedding?
- Yes, there’s no problem. You don’t have to be invited to go to a wedding here

Well that’s a great thing to know. It sounds like we might just crash a wedding this weekend and then go to the Park on Sunday.

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