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Ugandan Beer -

Ugandan Beer

The Winner! Nile Special

I believe I’m done with my research on Ugandan beer. After almost two weeks here, I have completed a thorough research and reached a conclusion. A cold Nile!

I excluded Guinness from my research since, although it is brewed in Uganda. It is no different than the original one and I am not a great fan of stout.

I started my research with a Bell, a light beer, not too light though but still with not enough taste. I then moved to Club, which is the closest to Bud Light, which means water in beer bottle. Then I tried Nile Special, a tasty lager, not too heavy but definitely not light with 5.6% alcohol. The perfect partner for all occasions. The next player was Tusker, a malt lager, brown beer, heavy and tasty. I liked it but it needs a good partner, like beef or the popular goat meat. Finally I tasted Moonberg, a german beer brewed here, very much like Nile but I believe less tasty. It was a close finish between Moonberg and Nile but I stick to Nile.


  1. Sarita

    Mi querido Doctor Bernardo…. what the hell are you doing in Uganda?????????
    Eres mi héroe….
    Besos, Sara

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