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Wood Ants -

Wood Ants

My room is under attack of wood ants, or at least that is what I think they are. Last weekend a brown tunnel started to grow under the nightstand, coming from the closet towards the wall. These little bugs are fast and I can imagine they will quickly deplete the closet. Since I will be out of here next week my only concern is to investigate their work.

Every once in a while the cleaning lady comes and destroys the tunnel. That does not deter these ants and, like nothing happened, they resume their work and rebuild the tunnel. I don’t exactly know what is the goal of building a tunnel towards the wall, since the wall is not made of wood. They made a detour towards the bed and I think that is too much for them. Why don’t they stick to the closet and eat it all? Why eating the bed? Isn’t that too much of a challenge for them?

I think it is. I keep telling them that it is a strategic mistake to set such an ambitious goal. They don’t listen to me so I gave up. Whatever they think it’s best for them, I am ok with that. It’s their life.

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