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Maybe Apple can tell you where Waldo is. Or can they? -

Maybe Apple can tell you where Waldo is. Or can they?

This week started with “shocking” news that every iPhone records location information of its owner (actually, user). My twitter world went nuts! Apple is the biggest brother! Apple is controlling us! Apple is evil! It was as if Steve Jobs was personally tracking every single user location.

Then yesterday came the PlayStation hack issue and suddenly my twitter world found out that worst things happen, like someone stealing actual money from people and not just the location of the motel where someone got laid with the underage intern.

The underlying question is: Who Cares About Privacy anymore? Do you? Then should you be reading this post, where you probably landed because you saw the twitter or Facebook linkt? What?! You’re on Facebook? I hope you have a fake name and, of course, I’m assuming you didn’t include any personal information there, let alone a photo of you drunk in high school.

Are you feeling the sarcasm? My actual point is, excess drives commoditization. The more information someone has about you, the less valuable each individual data point is. If I have 10 or 12 location data points, I can easily map them and tell whether or not you were at the aforementioned motel. What if I have 1000? Not so much.

I’m not excusing Apple, which may or may not know this is happening. And I’m well aware that my location blob as a whole is tremendously valuable, as valuable as my Facebook profile. But does that really justify the rage? My location blob says a lot about what I am but nothing about who I am. Is that really invading my privacy?

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