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Pitching at the The Founder Conference - Video -

Tuesday was a big day. We were at The Founder Conference where we had the first opportunity to pitch Piictu in front of 600 people and reactions were good. We need to improve though and that’s not news, especially at this stage. We received great feedback from Robert Scoble and we’ll have to target our demographic very well.

But going back to the pitch, it was a 1-minute pitch. The 1 minute is my favorite pitch but also the hardest one. It’s my favorite because you can really say a lot in 1 minute and something meaningful that can get people excited. It’s not just the 5-second “I’m doing blah blah” and it’s short enough to keep your audience engaged throughout. It’s hard though because you don’t want to get lost in the details but you also don’t want to be too generic and cover too many ideas.

We spent a few days writing different pitches using different approaches – Should we talk product first or opportunity? Should we talk of a use case? What’s the punch line? At the end of the day it has to be a story but there are several ways of telling a story.

And then I screw up the delivery! Well, I didn’t exactly bomb the pitch but it was dull. I need to switch from consulting presentation mode to entrepreneur sales mode. The video is here and the transcript is below. Feedback on both the pitch and delivery is appreciated although I can already tell you that we’re changing the pitch.

I’ll go straight to the point: Photo sharing is lame. You take a bad picture with a bad camera, put heavy make up on it and post it on a wall. And then what?

Piictu addresses the “then what”

Piictu is a mobile application that enables conversations through photos. It’s like a photo orgy on your mobile phone.

Just snap a picture, post it and watch it come to life with photo-replies from friends and strangers.

Just 2 days ago I was in NYC when I heard the big news, so I walked to Ground Zero and took a picture of the crowd. Imagine immediately anyone can see my picture, and I start getting picture responses from the crowd in DC; I also get reactions from people in their homes and from the military overseas; I even get some pictures of people in Pakistan. It’s such a powerful story-telling tool.

We are using our cameras to communicate emotions. Photos are becoming objects of interaction and Piictu enables this trend by unleashing many-to-many communication through this powerful medium.

Piictu has been getting a lot of positive feedback from the community. We currently have 2K signups for our beta and we’re going on private beta tomorrow.

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