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Mastering the dating game and the theory of the stove burner -

Mastering the dating game and the theory of the stove burner

Fundraising is like dating, and when it comes to dating I have a theory – the theory of the stove burner. Imagine you have a stove with 6 burners and you’re using all 6 of them to cook. If you have all 6 in max something is going to get burned, or you’re the fucking master of the stove burner (aka the Casanova). If all 6 flames are low you’re not going anywhere and you can be there all day and do no actual cooking. If you want to master the stove burner you need to play with the flames and make sure you have 1 or 2 high, another 1 or 2 medium and the remaining low enough that they’re still cooking but not too fast. And of course, when you’re at the point you’re finishing something, put everything else in low and focus on that one because you’re going to need to turn it up.

This is my stove burner theory and I hope the parallel with dating is obvious enough. Now that I’m back to the dating game (for investors, don’t get me wrong), I feel the need to get back to my stove. If this lead looks promising, turn that burner up and the other ones just a tad down so I don’t get burned. Just like with dating and cooking, it’s hard to articulate what’s too much and too little but I feel that after a while adjusting I’ll get the feel of it.

Just like with dating, every new encounter can be a hit or miss – but you’ll never figure that out if you don’t try. Just like with dating, you can be setup and that will likely improve your chances. And yes, just like with dating, you can be left with blue balls, it’s just part of the game.

And now I have go back to my stove, I smell something.

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