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Three Steps to Epic Customer Service Fail -

Three Steps to Epic Customer Service Fail

Step 1. Encourage your customers to use your website as their preferred customer relationship channel.
Step 2. Make them feel special – you’re our customer, we have customer representatives just for you.
Step 3. Page not found and nowhere to go.

When I first moved to Brazil, everyone warned me about bureaucracy… and customer service, particularly among telecom companies. My first reaction was – don’t they all suck at customer service? (just try AT&T). Even when I saw this comedian mocking a TIM’s customer service call, I thought that was an exaggerated depiction of reality. That was until I had to cancel my first account in Brazil, and it all happened just like the youtube video. To be honest to TIM, I had a similar experience with Vivo, a competitor.

So when I had to use TIM customer service, I went straight to a physical store with actual people that cannot hang up on me. Except they can, because they have a little telephone on every store that you can use to call customer support (why they have stores with actual people that cannot support you it’s beyond my understanding). But I was relieved when they told me that I should use their website – “it’s the best way; you can do everything online”.

And then the above 3 steps happened… and I’m back on the phone.

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