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3 Things you should do to immerse yourself in the Silicon Valley community without being here

February 20, 2012 |

I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it. In my opinion, Silicon Valley is the most vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world. The sheer amount of venture capital available helps but there’s a lot more than money that you can’t … Read More

Innovating in Traditional Industries

January 20, 2012 |

This post was originally published on fnBlog.

A few weeks ago we had our annual share of tech predictions and a common trend was the inclusion of companies such as Airbnb, Getaround, and Uber. What I love about these companies … Read More

Cheers to a strong Portuguese community in Silicon Valley

November 17, 2011 |

The President of Portugal was in California last Sunday and Monday and that was big news. For most people it was big news because the last time a President visited California was 20 years ago. To me it was big … Read More

My life story and how the US can learn from it

October 21, 2011 |

I want to tell you a story. This is a true story; it’s about me, my family and my country, and it’s not pretty. This story starts in the fifties. In the 1950s Portugal was a poor country, on par … Read More

Math 101 for Politicians

October 19, 2011 | 1

This week the Portuguese government presented the budget for 2012 and I was surprised (not to say shocked) with some of the measures approved. Granted that Portugal is under siege, with the IMF and the European Union demanding hefty budget … Read More

WTF? Government Debt and Constitution Limits

October 7, 2011 |

This post is not about smoking exactly but it is about addiction. I’ve been wanting to write a post on constitutional limits to government debt for a long time and you’d think that by now the subject would be cold. … Read More

The Amazon Threat is Real

September 30, 2011 |

I’ve been on a plane and offline for the last 16h and as a result I missed the reactions to Amazon’s mega announcement of the $199 Fire plus a $79 e-reader. However, I know there is an obvious question everyone … Read More

The relentless small innovation that changed our lives

August 15, 2011 |

Entrepreneurs get often a lot of crap for not being innovative enough. It goes like “I don’t want to hear about another mobile application, I want real radical innovation”, and then they go on a rant about how entrepreneurs used … Read More

C**kblockers and my lemonade stand

August 9, 2011 |

Every time I try to register a domain name I come across the same problem – dozens and dozens of domain names that are taken with no apparent purpose other than blocking other people from getting them and maybe make … Read More